The Venue

“Casarma” is the heart of Zafiris Catering. But what makes it stand out? It has a beautiful outdoor area surrounded by plants, while the reference point is the palm trees at the entrance of the area.

It also has an indoor venue hall covered in stone and wood where events are hosted during the winter months, as well as during summer days where the weather does not allow for the event to take place outside.

The Church

How ideal would it be to hold both your religious ceremony and reception in the same venue, combining two different locations into one?

You can choose the small church of Agios Stylianos, which is located inside the “Casarma” venue and hosts many religious ceremonies every year. Our beautiful chapel is located on the outside of the estate, in an open space, surrounded by plants with a view of the blue pool creating a dreamy setting.

This choice will make it easier for your guests to arrive, reduce travel costs and time, but most importantly, you will have one less thing to worry about on the big day.